--- Starships Assembly ---

Starships Assembly is a strategy game for two players that uses just 20 cards. Seriously, those are all the parts! Yet diverse strategic choices await you in the Assembly...
Image: all the captains of the Starships Assembly.
Each card has a captain on one side and that captain's ship on the other side.

Yumi is a captain who can help you by casting votes for you to spend. Yumi gets to cast more votes than other captains, probably because he's so handsome.

The rules explain each of the 20 unique captains.

The first half of the game is called The Assembly Phase. It's a political arena in which you choose to play cards from your hand as captains or as ships. Here is a player's hand and some cards in play.
Image: shows a player's hand and cards in play.

One way or another a player will declare war and the Assembly Phase is over. Then it's time to lead your fleet of starships to victory!

Menace is a mighty ship with three weapons and maximum shields. It takes the last ship turn but your opponent will always keep an eye on it!

The rules explain all the ship stats, like how high evasion limits which weapons can target your ship.


Eliminate the enemy fleet to win! And remember, shrewdly recruiting captains in the Assembly can give you the advantage before the space battle even begins.

Good luck, and see you in the Starships Assembly!

Image: all the captains of the Starships Assembly.
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